Swype Keyboard for Android Downloads

This article summarizes all the info I have been able to gather about the various Swype keyboard releases for Android (with a focus on the Motorola Droid and WVGA 480x854 resolution).

swype keyboard input

Why I really, really like VoIP on my cell phone

I keep my cell phone in "airplane mode" almost all the time. I use VoIP on WiFi most of the time. When I do not have WiFI, I will use VoIP on 3G, but that's less than 1% of the time. Of course, this saves me a lot of money because I don't need a voice plan on my cell phone at all. (I do have the option to pay 25 cents/min and make voice calls, but I have never needed to do that so far. Instead, I pay about 1 cent/min for outgoing VoIP and zero for incoming.)

However, I do not do this just to save money. Here's a reason that is at least as important to me, if not more important: radiation exposure from WiFi is a fraction of the level from cellular radios.

Check this out:


He says, in part:


This document is a summary of what I’ve learned during a few weeks of trying to decode

How To Set Up VoIP on the Nexus One Google Phone using Sipdroid for Free Calls

Google Nexus One cell phoneUPDATE: many people are complaining about poor VoIP quality on the Nexus One. My experience is that the Droid handles VoIP much better. See comments below for more info.

I just got my Nexus One today and the first thing I did was set it up for VoIP calling. I'm using it on a T-Mobile data-only plan (no voice minutes needed).

This tutorial assumes you will be using Gizmo. To use Gizmo, you'll need an existing account.
If you don't have a Gizmo account, use an alternative SIP provider. There are a lot of options.

Continue Unofficial Google Voice Application for Android

Evan Charlton said,

Also, if I decide to discontinue support for the GV project, it's open-source software under the Apache 2.0 license, so feel free to fork it to your heart's content.

How To Set Up VoIP on the Motorola Droid on Verizon Wireless using Sipdroid for Free Calls

Motorola Droid cell phoneThis tutorial assumes you will be using Gizmo. To use Gizmo, you'll need an existing account.
If you don't have a Gizmo account, use an alternative SIP provider or purchase a Gizmo account on eBay. There are a lot of options, but I think Gizmo is the best. The last account I bought on eBay cost $5.

See this link for some alternatives if you don't have and don't want to buy an account Gizmo:  http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/voice/thread?tid=4fceba98c89deaed&hl=en

Canonical to boost Ubuntu usability by tackling "papercuts"

This is a nice initiative:

Canonical aims to improve the Ubuntu user experience by fixing a multitude of minor usability glitches. The project, which is called One Hundred Paper Cuts, will entail a collaborative effort by Canonical's new design team and the Ubuntu community to fix one hundred usability bugs before the release of Ubuntu 9.10.

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