w.bloggar suspended?

This morning I decided to go check out w.bloggar for the first time. To my surprise, this is what I was presented with:

eWEEK Labs Bakeoff: Open Source Versus .Net Stacks


For now, this post is just a link. I will write up an article (actually, recreate what I already wrote!) on this topic soon.

Open Source Needs More Innovation

Many open source software products lack the sophistication of their commercial counterparts. It is all too common to see an open source project chasing the features and the level of polish of a competing commercial product. (Of course, there are a few exceptions, but those exceptions seem to exist in recesses.) I wish it wasn't so, but it has been like this for so long that I have often wondered if it would always be like this.

like a "Google Zeitgeist" on steroids

Stimulating reading: Collective Intelligence 2.0
Also worthwhile is an article referenced in the above post: Kevin Kelley's We Are The Web.

UPDATE: I was originally going to limit this post to nothing more than the links,  but just can't resist commenting a bit more.

Stop It With the Astro-Turfing

Liz Strauss has a post about the astro-turfing going on. We need to be aware of this.

Internet’s First Amendment

A friend of mine wrote this post on the subject of Net Neutrality.

His recommended reading list:
http://handsoff.org/ http://www.savetheinternet.com/ http://www.freepress.net/

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