Link for Viewing and Reporting Visual Studio Bugs

It seems I can never find this link when I most need it:

Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Beta Registration

I missed this announcement originally. However, I just learned that the beta registration for Visual Studio 2005 SP1 is still open for another week. It will end on October 30th, 2006.
You can apply for the Beta by filing out the nomination survey or by signing up on the "Available Connections" page of the Microsoft Connect web site.

Community Server - Setting Up Multiple Communities

UPDATED 10/25/2006
Community Server ("CS") supports multiple communities with a single installation of the software (and a single database).

Vista Licensing

Koroush Ghazi of wrote an article (here) on Vista Licensing from the PC enthusiast's point of view. I happen to think he makes some excellent points.
Here is one quote that particularly resonates with me:

Ajax ASP.NET 'Atlas' Web Application Project Template

I created a Visual Studio 2005 project template for creating 'Atlas' (ASP.NET Ajax) applications using the Web Application Project (WAP) structure.

To use my template you will need to have both Web Applications Projects and Atlas installed already. I assume you do or you wouldn't be here. I also assume you installed Atlas in the default location.*

ASP.NET 'Atlas' Simple Example Stylesheet

If you have taken a look at Ajax.Asp.Net 'Atlas' QuickStart Developer Tasks > Controls and UI "A Simple Example", you may have noticed that you can't immediately run this example on your own machine. The site makes the source code for the example available, but it does not provide a link for the stylesheet "intro.css". Without the stylesheet, the color selector functionality fails.
I am providing intro.css for download here. Just save it in the same location as the web page on your local machine, and "A Simple Example" will work correctly.
FWIW, I obtained the stylesheet using Fiddler.

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