Creating a Basic AJAX.ASP.NET 'Atlas' Web Application With CodeBehind and WAP

Creating a Basic AJAX.ASP.NET 'Atlas' Web Application With CodeBehind and WAP

The Ajax.ASP.Net web site has an articled titled, "Walkthrough: Creating a Basic ASP.NET 'Atlas' Web Application". The article says, "Be sure that you clear the Place code in separate file check box. For this walkthrough, you must create a single-file ASP.NET Web page."
I created a very similar example that uses code behind in the web page, the Web Applications Project (WAP) template instead of the web site template, and a class library for the web service code.

DotNetNuke Security Tip 2

In Professional DotNetNuke 4 by Shaun Walker et al, the chapter on Installing DotNetNuke recommends that the minimum folder permissions for the anonymous web site user account include read and write access to the root installation folder and all child folders.

The Project Location Is Not Trusted

I opened Michael Schwarz's AjaxPro solution in Visual Studio 2005 and I was greeted with this:

The Project Location Is Not Trusted Dialog

As you can see, this is running from the C: drive on my local development machine. Guessing that this problem might be related to the fact that I added my local machine to IE's list of trusted sites, I removed that setting. Unfortunately, the dialog persisted.

Next I added a new code group to my LocalIntranet_Zone and gave full trust to the URL "file://C:\*". Even that didn't resolve the issue. My next step was to open all the csproj files and the sln file for the solution and look for anything that might trigger this dialog. I deleted all the TFS source code control settings (I don't use CodePlex), but that didn't help.

Google Groups Sorry...


You cannot reply to this topic because it is more than 30 days old...

Sometimes I sure wish I could reply to Google Groups topics that were more than 30 days old. This is especially true if I see an unanswered thread and I have some helpful info on that topic.

I know I often search for and find useful posts that are a year old or more.

In fact, I used to get responses on threads that were much more than a year old. Maybe this 30 day limit is a response to comment spam. Damn spammers.

Google Groups Sorry Msg

Drop Failed for User - Error MSSQLSERVER 15421

In a SQL Server 2005 database, I was having a hard time deleting a user I had created.

I kept getting this error:

The database principal owns a database role and cannot be dropped.  Msg 15421.

MSDN and Google were not helpful on this error. Ater lots of search attempts I kept coming up empty:

Msdn No Results Msg 15421

I spent some time looking through various dialogs in SQL Server Management Studio. I was unable to find the problem - probably because I am not as familiar with the UI as I was with Enterprise Manager.

DotNetNuke Security Tip

The DotNetNuke installation instructions I have seen recommend creating a new database user and then assigning the db_owner role to that user. This recommendation is even included the new book by Shaun Walker et al, Professional DotNetNuke 4: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET 2.0 (Programmer to Programmer).

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