Forms Authentication Cookies and Subdomain Names

Does your ASP.NET web site have subdomains and use forms authentication with persistent cookies? Is your site running on a shared hosting server? If so, you could run into a problem authenticating users because of the way cookie domains work. Here are the details of the problem and steps you can take to solve or prevent the problem.

Opinions on Funding Open Source Projects

Here are some other opinions on whether Microsoft should do more to support the .NET open source community (the list also includes some related discussions):

What is the definition of a good URI?

This post is not much of an article. In fact, it is only a link to someone else's article. But Mike Amundsen's post about URI's is really worth reading if you are a web developer. I plan to eventually write an article that will add something to Mike's discussion, but for now, all I have to say is, "You will probably enjoy Mike's article if you are a web developer." Cheers.

Microsoft Has a Greater Responsibility to the Open Source Community

Joe Brinkman wrote a great follow up to my earlier post, Microsoft Should Financially Support Open Source Projects. He made some important points better than I did in my original article. I hope everyone that reads my article also reads Joe's article.
We now have several people speaking out about the fact that the .NET open source community receives financial support from all types of individuals and entities in the .NET community except Microsoft. People ranging from students to developers to small companies to large companies are willing to make financial donations to .NET open source projects. To my knowledge, Microsoft refuses to do that. (Or it does it to such a small extent that it is insignificant.)

Firefox vs Internet Explorer - a quick glance

A while back I read Andy Hedges' Tech Blog about Firefox possibly overtaking IE by Dec-2007. I'm not sure how the trends will change once IE 7 gets some traction.

However, I did notice that 68.2% of my visitors were using Firefox today and only 19.3% were using IE. One reason I took a look at this in my stats was because I noticed over at BoingBoing that almost 50% of the visitors are on Firefox and only about 25% are using IE.

Firefox vs IE stats

Wouldn't a Shared-Source Windows be Great?

I've been writing a lot about open source and Microsoft lately. Ryan Rogers, a Microsoft employee, wrote a post back in July on that subject. It has drawn a lot of attention, but I wasn't blogging back in July, so I didn't see it until now. He suggests something beyond anything I had imagined - a free open source Windows OS. Go read his post here.

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