Best of both worlds - csv2ofx marries Yodlee with desktop personal finance apps

I'm starting to like GnuCash. Yodlee is great too. I'm a new user of both (started at beginning of this year), but I am already hooked, especially on Yodlee. Using these two apps together has allowed me to automate key parts of my financial management that I could never do before while also allowing me to do more sophisticated analysis. So what magic allows me to use these two apps together?

The key to upgrading my personal finance software was a free utility called csv2ofx. Without it, there is no way to get Yodlee data into GnuCash (or any other desktop personal finance app I know of).

GnuCash (or similar desktop personal finance app) is required because, as great as Yodlee is at automatically downloading all your banking transactions, there are several things Yodlee cannot do. For example, I need to generate a report of all my account balances as of year end. I cannot do my taxes without this.

There are other common financial functions (reporting, budgeting, electronic payments via check, etc.) that people need and that are currently best done in apps like GnuCash.

Yodlee does allow you to export all transactions into a CSV file. (And if you haven't used Yodlee yet, you are in for a pleasant surprise when you discover that you no longer need to go to every bank's website separately to get your data! In fact, you don't need to do anything because Yodlee keeps your data up to date automatically.) But to get your data into the common personal financial management apps such as GnuCash for complete reporting and budgeting, your data needs to be in OFX format (or QIF or QFX). Yodlee only provides a proprietary CSV format.

Well, there is now a way to convert Yodlee CSV data into standard OFX!

csv2ofx is free and open source. Get it here:

By using csv2ofx you can continue to reap all the benefits of Yodlee and you can also take advantage of more advanced features available in GnuCash, and similar desktop financial management applications.

(An earlier forum post about csv2ofx can be found here:

I use csv2ofx to import my Yodlee data into GnuCash where I can do further analysis or processing. I enjoy the best of Yodlee and the best of GnuCash. This is a true upgrade from what I was using in many ways. I especially love the way Yodlee aggregates all my financial transactions automatically.

Without csv2ofx, I would have to give up on using Yodlee and GnuCash together. And in my opinion, neither app alone is up to my requirements. But together, they beat any other solution I know of.

(BTW, csv2ofx will also let you transfer Yodlee data to MS Money or Quicken and probably even MoneyDance, KMyMoney, and others too. csv2ofx produces standard OFX which is a format many personal finance apps can import.)