FCC chief grills Comcast on BitTorrent blocking

Previously I have written about How Comcast Silently Blocks your Internet traffic. Today, Federal Communications Commission chief Kevin Martin questioned Comcast on this issue. Here is on report on it.

Update at 3:10 p.m. PST: CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Federal Communications Commission chief Kevin Martin on Monday targeted Comcast's contention that delaying peer-to-peer file-sharing traffic serves user interests, appearing to sympathize with the cable company's critics.

Through pointed questioning at a public hearing at Harvard Law School here, Martin, a Republican, seemed to be pushing a two-pronged agenda: Internet service providers like Comcast should be as transparent as possible about manipulating network traffic, and consumers should have the freedom to, in effect, get what they pay for.

But at the end of the event, which, all told, lasted nearly six hours, Martin told reporters he still hadn't made up his mind about whether Comcast had done anything more than "reasonable" network management.

The chairman was also unable to predict when the Commission would reach a decision on Comcast's conduct and the broader question of constraints on network operators' traffic shaping practices, except to say, "I think it's important we try to act very quickly."

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Maybe we need to write our representatives. I'm also considering, as one option, switching permanently to DSL.