Technology to support bloggers. This blog runs on SubText (which is written in C#), so we will keep a keen eye on SubText progress. However, all blogging technologies are of interest.

Adding Social Bookmarking to Community Server 2008 Or Any Website

Here is an excellent article on how to use the "" widget with Community Server by mystyleit:
I used the instructions with Community Server 2008 without any modification even though they were written for CS 2007.

In case it is not clear in the original post, here are my steps:

Get a Free .COM Domain Name

I'm going to give away some .com domain names for free. Here is the list of free domain names:

Sorry, this offer is over now.

However, for the right project, I may have a couple more domain names I'd be willing to give away. These include:


Checklist for Moving to A New Webserver

Does anyone have a checklist of the things they do when moving client websites to a new server? This is a quick list I threw together from memory. The next time I do this, I will keep exact notes and update this post. This info applies to a dedicated server or a virtual private server (VPS) hosting account running Windows 2003.

If you have a similar checklist, please leave me a link.

As you'll see below, I set up some very limited access user accounts and there are a few extra steps because of this.

A search engine optimization (SEO) rule all bloggers should know

Check out this article for a search engine optimization (SEO) rule all bloggers should know. The post suggests a simple habit we bloggers can change that will reduce the noise in search engine results, help drive quality traffic to the blogs we read, and improve the value of the content we provide to our readers.

Ultimate List of RPC Ping Services For Your Blog

Matt Ridings has a nice list of blog ping services he calls, "Ultimate List of RPC Ping Services For Your Blog". Use this list to get the word out that you have posted something new on your blog.

Here is the list. All credit goes to Matt, and I'm sure he would appreciate a comment on his blog if you find this list useful. I'm simply passing along his good work.

URL Dogma for Community Server

A long time ago I read Ian G's blog post about URI design and his approach immediately appealed to me. His ideas on this subject continue to withstand the test of time, so I recently decided to implement this design for Community Server. Next I may attempt to do the same thing with Subtext, which runs this blog.
Ian's stated goals for his URL design were:

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