Technology to support bloggers. This blog runs on SubText (which is written in C#), so we will keep a keen eye on SubText progress. However, all blogging technologies are of interest.

You Read It Right: Complete Blog Commenting Guidelines

I'm sure everyone visiting my blog already knows all about this subject matter, but I wanted to say that I personally found "You Read It Right: Complete Blog Commenting Guidelines" by Alex Harris to be well worth reading.

w.bloggar suspended?

This morning I decided to go check out w.bloggar for the first time. To my surprise, this is what I was presented with:

SubText breaks into the top 25 of open source projects

The Subtext blogging platform has just broken into the top 25 of all projects on! As of yesterday, Subtext was 24 on the list of most active projects. Take a look at this link to see the current status.

To quote the site, "Project rankings are generated based on the traffic, communication, and development statistics which are collected for each project." There are well over 100,000 projects on SourceForge.Net, so to make it into the top 50, or even the top 100 is a nice accomplishment.

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