Forget your passwords

Sxipper lets you log into any website with a single click. Sxipper saves you time by keeping track of an unlimited number of usernames and passwords and it has a useful feature called personas. Sxipper is different from most password managers or form fillers in its use of artificial intelligence to figure out how to properly fill in web-based forms (with your data) that it hasn't seen before. In other words, when you visit a web page for the first time, Sxipper can often figure out where your data should go.

Here's a nice review of Sxipper:
You can download Sxipper here:

I like the fact that it is cross platform - runs on Linux, Max and Windows.

Quote from the review:
Sxipper the dog loves to learn new tricks as he gets older
Malcolm Parry, Vancouver Sun
First Published: Thursday, April 05, 2007
"... includes straightforward stuff like remembering and applying site passwords, automatically filling in forms, and remembering all the sites you've accessed and what you've told them.
"But today's dynamic data is much harder to handle than it was when web pages were static. Sxipper is in his element here, Hardt says, especially when its master's identity data is dynamic and would be hard or impossible to manage.
"He's referring to stuff like disposable e-mail and one-time credit cards."