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Swype Keyboard for Android Downloads

This article summarizes all the info I have been able to gather about the various Swype keyboard releases for Android (with a focus on the Motorola Droid and WVGA 480x854 resolution).

swype keyboard input

Why I really, really like VoIP on my cell phone

I keep my cell phone in "airplane mode" almost all the time. I use VoIP on WiFi most of the time. When I do not have WiFI, I will use VoIP on 3G, but that's less than 1% of the time. Of course, this saves me a lot of money because I don't need a voice plan on my cell phone at all. (I do have the option to pay 25 cents/min and make voice calls, but I have never needed to do that so far. Instead, I pay about 1 cent/min for outgoing VoIP and zero for incoming.)

However, I do not do this just to save money. Here's a reason that is at least as important to me, if not more important: radiation exposure from WiFi is a fraction of the level from cellular radios.

Check this out:


He says, in part:


This document is a summary of what I’ve learned during a few weeks of trying to decode

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