I'm Looking for A Web Designer and Illustrator

I've been looking for someone to do the design work for this web site since before I launched it. So far, I have not had any luck finding the right person for my budget. I need a logo and the full site design - including the css, html, illustrations, etc. (I can handle the code-related parts of creating the skin, if needed.)

Web designers and graphic illustrators - please feel free to contact me about this work. I'm not looking for someone to do free work. However, I am limiting my budget because this site doesn't produce any income. I don't even have Google Ads on it right now. However, I will be glad to include a graphic/text link on the site for you, in addition to the payment we agree upon.
My idea for a theme is a 1950's nostalgic feel with a sexy, technology-savvy chick. My father owned a Texaco gas station in the 1960's and he made the news by having several good looking young ladies fill the cars with gas (this was before self service, of course). Needless to say, his gas station was very popular! I want to modify that idea for this blog (and keep the family tradition alive). Now that I have described the theme, my tag line probably makes a little more sense - I hope.

I would like a graphic illustration of a sexy girl (maybe Vargas-style) in a semi-revealing work outfit (repair shop or garage style outfit, modified to look sexy) with a computer torn apart in her hands and lap. She could be replacing a motherboard or something. (It might also be interesting to have a few electrical sparks coming from some of the wires...)
At the left is a logo that has a similar feel. Being that my focus is on computers & technology, not mechanics/welding, there would be no welding helmet or blow torch. However, maybe she could be soldering chips on the motherboard with a flame torch soldering iron. Anyway, I think this illustration helps convey the concept I'm after. I don't want my illustration to be too similar to this one, but I think it does help that I found something with a similar spirit.

As far as colors, here are some sample colors I have in mind. These colors are only a starting point. I'm going to stay open to other suggestions too.