Net Neutrality: Cerf vs Farber

eWeek published a face off between Professor David Farber, frequently called the "Grandfather of the Internet" and Vinton Cerf, called by many the "Father of the Internet."
Here is a pertinent quote from the article:

"The Congress seems to be very confused," Farber said. "They don't understand what the network does."

When I called my representatives a couple weeks ago, one aid told me point blank that almost everyone in Washington was confused on this issue.
In my opinion, the best way to remove that confusion is for more of us to understand the issue beyond the level of bumper sticker slogans. As we techies increase our understanding, more of us will gain the ability to explain to our friends (and our representatives) the real issues in simple and clear terms.


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I'm working in this debate myself, I'm personally on the side of: hey, don't get too regulation-happy. And from what I've seen, I don't think Congress has the capability to consider these issues properly. Ted Stevens made a complete fool out of himself on the issue, but does Olympia Snowe have that much better a grasp on this than she does? I wouldn't want to bet money on it.There are times for technocrats to do their thing, and this is one of them. The FCC has the time and the resources and the mandate, not least, to monitor the market to make sure the telcos and content companies play well together. Ironically, that's what Ted Stevens' bill does, so I actually think that's the one to go with.