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What is the definition of a good URI?

This post is not much of an article. In fact, it is only a link to someone else's article. But Mike Amundsen's post about URI's is really worth reading if you are a web developer. I plan to eventually write an article that will add something to Mike's discussion, but for now, all I have to say is, "You will probably enjoy Mike's article if you are a web developer." Cheers.

Firefox vs Internet Explorer - a quick glance

A while back I read Andy Hedges' Tech Blog about Firefox possibly overtaking IE by Dec-2007. I'm not sure how the trends will change once IE 7 gets some traction.

However, I did notice that 68.2% of my visitors were using Firefox today and only 19.3% were using IE. One reason I took a look at this in my stats was because I noticed over at BoingBoing that almost 50% of the visitors are on Firefox and only about 25% are using IE.

Firefox vs IE stats

like a "Google Zeitgeist" on steroids

Stimulating reading: Collective Intelligence 2.0
Also worthwhile is an article referenced in the above post: Kevin Kelley's We Are The Web.

UPDATE: I was originally going to limit this post to nothing more than the links,  but just can't resist commenting a bit more.

Stop It With the Astro-Turfing

Liz Strauss has a post about the astro-turfing going on. We need to be aware of this.

Internet’s First Amendment

A friend of mine wrote this post on the subject of Net Neutrality.

His recommended reading list:

Another opinion on Net Neutrality

This comes from a friend of mine who was a key figure in the development of the Internet as we know it today.
In a recent email, I included this postscript:
P.S. Do you have a strong opinion on net neutrality? If so, would you share it with me?

He replied as follows:

I was writing an editorial about it, but set it aside for some other stuff. I can't claim to be an expert. But the Carrier vs Google story seems flawed to me.

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