Networking and the Internet

My Conversation with Larry Boucher about Net Neutrality

This post is rather long for a blog post, but putting all the information in one place seemed like the best way to go. This is an email conversation between me and Larry Boucher that occurred over a few day period.
It started when I sent this link to Larry. He replied with some fascinating ideas on the subject and, as you will see below, he agreed that I could post the conversation here on my blog.

Net Neutrality: Cerf vs Farber

eWeek published a face off between Professor David Farber, frequently called the "Grandfather of the Internet" and Vinton Cerf, called by many the "Father of the Internet."
Here is a pertinent quote from the article:

"The Congress seems to be very confused," Farber said. "They don't understand what the network does."

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