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Five Reasons to use VMware Workstation instead of VirtualBox

[UPDATED 25-Feb-2008] After a little research, it looks like I'll be sticking with VMware Workstation a while longer even though I would prefer VirtualBox because it is free and open source [UPDATE: partially open source].

Ubuntu Linux Vs Windows Vista--The Battle For Your Desktop

Is Linux finally ready to take on Windows as a desktop OS? We tried out both Vista and Ubuntu on individual PCs to see which works better. Here's who won.

By Serdar Yegulalp,  InformationWeek
April 27, 2007

The prevailing wisdom about Linux on the desktop runs something like this: "I'll believe Linux is ready for the desktop as soon as you can give me a Linux distribution that even my grandmother can run."

The Problem of Open Source in the DotNet World

If you missed Oren Eini's (a.k.a. Ayende Rahien's) post on The Problem of Open Source in the Microsoft World, I would highly recommend it. He makes a lot of points I wish I had made in my earlier posts on open source in the .NET community.

One of the commenters on Ayende's post said, "This is the most well-written explanation of the dillemas which are caused by MS lack of support for OSS." Ayende's post is definitely worth reading if you are interested in this subject.

Running on Windows

I use Subversion for source code control. Today, I attempted to run on Windows and I was initially greeted by an error message similar to this:

Directory e:\libs\loadpng-1.0 will be tagged as 1.0
Please examine identified tags. Are they acceptable? (Y/n) Y
Checking that the base URL is a Subversion repository.
Running svn log -r HEAD file:///svn/vendortest/vendor/loadpng
'@SVN_BINDIR@/svn' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
E:\bin\dev\ svn log -r HEAD file:///svn/vendortest/vendor/loadpng
failed with this output:
Press return to quit and clean up svn working directory:

Custom Trust Level For Community Server

Community Server 2.1 (including SP1) will not quite run in Medium Trust. I have found that it needs WebPermissions or the Feed Reader doesn't work correctly. See Community Server Feed Reader Fails in Medium Trust Level. And I have found that it requires ReflectionPermissions because of code in Global Application_End. If  ReflectionPermissions are not granted, you'll see exceptions like this in the Windows Event Viewer (Application section).

This post proposes a solution if you have access to the following folder on your server:

By default, this location is C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG

Here are the steps:

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