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Microsoft Office for Linux 'inevitable' is reporting that Microsoft Office for Linux is inevitable. It's an interesting read. I'd love to hear Microsoft respond.

What is the future of open source on Windows?

I use the Windows OS right now, and I have for a lot of years. However, there was a time (a couple years around the 1990 timeframe) when I actually succeeded in running my PC with zero Microsoft software.
I ran DR-DOS, Borland Quattro Pro, Lotus Word Pro, and a bunch of other quality (for the time) non-Microsoft software. I was happy about this.
Later, when I studied computer science in college, we used unix at school and it was at this time that I first loaded Linux on my home PC. I again made an effort to see how far away I could get from Microsoft products.

w.bloggar suspended?

This morning I decided to go check out w.bloggar for the first time. To my surprise, this is what I was presented with:

eWEEK Labs Bakeoff: Open Source Versus .Net Stacks,1895,1983365,00.asp

For now, this post is just a link. I will write up an article (actually, recreate what I already wrote!) on this topic soon.

Open Source Needs More Innovation

Many open source software products lack the sophistication of their commercial counterparts. It is all too common to see an open source project chasing the features and the level of polish of a competing commercial product. (Of course, there are a few exceptions, but those exceptions seem to exist in recesses.) I wish it wasn't so, but it has been like this for so long that I have often wondered if it would always be like this.

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