Microsoft's Open Specification Promise

Everyone seems to think the Microsoft Open Specification Promise is a good next step for the company. It sounds good to me too.
However, I would really, really like to see Microsoft support several.NET open source projects. Why didn't Microsoft lend some financial or other support to NDoc, for example, instead of letting NDoc die while creating the similar (but not yet as good) closed source SandCastle tool?
Today's article quotes Gerald Beuchelt as saying,

The best thing about this is the fundamental mind shift at Microsoft. A couple of years ago, this would have been unthinkable. Now it is real. This is really a major change in the way Microsoft deals with the open-source community.

That sounds good but at the same time it also shows how far Microsoft still needs to go. After all, they didn't announce any major support for open source. They simply promised not to do a certain type of harm.
And the people who said things like this:

are all still very influential at Microsoft.
Will we ever see Microsoft financially support a true open source project that is managed by the community?


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Hi Dave - Well, Martin took my comment a little out of context - can't blame him, since it made good headlines. I've said that this is a great start - and it really is. Does this mean that Microsoft is in full support of Open Source? Well, kinda: at the very least they do commit their IP to the public cause and allow the community to implement such IP. Can we expect open source from them under GPL? I don't know, but my guess is no. Still, other folks now have a blanket to implement the protocols (as soon as the language is rewritten) and that is goodness. Best, Gerry

Gerry, thank you for clarifying your thinking. Do you think Bill, Steve and company have changed their deep-seated beliefs about open source? How far can MS move to support open source while the key players like Bill, Steve and Jim have major influence at the company?