Visual Studio Window Issues

Who is using the Visual Studio WindowManager PowerToy?
This sounds like it might fix the problems I'm having with Visual Studio 2005 windows.
I use dual monitors and I keep the properties window and various explorer windows (such as Solution Explorer) undocked and on the primary screen with the IDE main window on the secondary monitor. When I save a solution and then later reopen it, the property window or the group of explorer windows (including Solution Explorer, Server Explorer, etc.) come back in the wrong position. They appear on the opposite monitor from where they were saved. Putting them back in place and "saving all" does not resolve the problem. They always get restored in the wrong location (and on the other monitor).
This problem is affected by whether the undocked windows are on the primary monitor or the secondary monitor. I hope Microsoft tests (or has tested) any resolution with the main IDE window on each monitor while the undocked windows reside on the other monitor.
When people mention this issue in connection with debugging, Microsoft seems to think the people reporting the problem don't understand that there are independent layouts for editing and debugging.
In my experience, this problem described above also happens when the display mode changes between debugging and editing. I experience undocked windows jumping to arbitrary positions upon leaving debug mode. This is not the same as switching between two different layouts for debugging and editing. In VS 2005 on dual monitors with undocked toolboxes, the windows do not remember their positions in each mode as they did in VS 2003. In 2005, when I leave debugging mode, they forget to return to the position they were in before I entered debugging. This means that every time I debug, I also have to rearrange my windows. It's a real pain.
Just to be clear, the problem also happens when debug mode is not involved - as I said, simply saving and closing the IDE, then reopening the solution, causes the undocked windows to forget where they were.
Who else has the same problem?


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