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  • Find out which names you can win and how much they are worth.
  • Find out why this contest exists.
  • Find out how you can win.

Win your choice of one of these domain names:


Good domain names are not cheap these days. These domain names are probably worth between $1000 and $5000 each - maybe more. To get an idea what these names would sell for, you can visit and search for the keyword "blog". By default, the search results are ordered by quality - best names first.
As of this writing, the highest quality domain name available was and it was valued at $9,000 by BuyDomains (however, this is not the highest priced "blog" name they list).
Here are a few other examples that I think help establish that the premium name you can win here is worth a decent amount of money.

Names with no specified price have a minimum bid of $888.
That last one would be worth a lot more if it was a ".com" name. I think should be worth more than that! Especially if you are a VB.NET guy who wants to blog about it.
Sorry you CSharp guys. is not available for sale as far as I can tell. But it may come into the aftermarket at a later date.
Shorter names are also more valuable. is a good one. It is almost impossible to find a nine-letter .com domain name with "blog" in it these days for less than several thousand dollars. For example, is nine letters and is a ".com". At the time I wrote this, it was priced at $12,000. I think is just as good. It's edgy, it's short and it makes sense. is also shorter than many of the highly valued domain names listed, and it has more inherent meaning than many others as well.
But I think I'm getting off track. I need to explain how you can win these domain names and why I'm putting on this contest. Many of you probably already recognized how valuable the domain names in this contest are, so it's about time I get to the point.
I'm putting on this contest to support the Subtext open source project.
If you win, you have to blog with your new domain name on the Subtext blogging platform. Subtext is free. It's open source. It's very easy to use and very capable.

Subtext is a personal blog publishing platform that focuses on usability, elegance, and simplicity.

Subtext is written in C# and runs on .NET 2.0. It is a great blog publishing platform. If you have never used Subtext (or never even heard of Subtext), no problem! It's very simple to get going. But it is also very powerful. Check out Phil's blog for an example of a nice blog running on Subtext. Phil is one of the leaders of the Subtext project. This blog is also running on Subtext, but I have not customized it at all yet. That's coming later.
But first, I want to give one lucky winner one of these premium domain names.


To win, you must simply leave a comment here and state which domain name you want to win and then explain in a sentence or two what your blog will be about and why you think your blog will do justice to the domain name. Your comment can be serious, humorous or even wicked. I will simply be looking for an indication that you will create an outstanding blog with your new domain name.
When at least ten comments have been left, I will narrow down the finalists. Then everyone except those finalists can vote for the best entry among the finalists and the person with the most votes will win.
If you want to increase your chances of winning, there is one obvious way to "cheat." You could have your friends come here and leave comments that are less impressive than yours. That will help your entry stand out, and it will also help shorten the contest duration. Obviously, this is not really cheating. It's actually helping drive some traffic here and that helps me accomplish my goal for this contest - to promote Subtext.
Given that this is a new blog, I have no idea how long it will take to amass enough entries to pick the finalists. It could be one month, one week, or maybe just one day. So get your entry in and let's see what happens!
Good luck!
Note: If you don't win and the domain name you really wanted is not given away, you may have another chance to win. I plan to give away all three domain names in the future.
UPDATE 1: I should have mentioned for anyone not familiar with this concept -- getting your own domain name is numero uno in starting to blog. It is a prerequisite. It is of utmost importance if you are serious about blogging. Make sure you have your own domain name from the start.
UPDATE 2: I have just recently gotten educated about domain names. One of the first things I read was Mike's story about spending two months and $369 to get a premium domain name. I was still naive enough to think that really good domain names could be picked up for $10 at will. However, after some research I figured out why a smart guy like Mike was so happy to spend only $369 (and two months of time) for a premium domain name. But I'm embarassed to say that it wasn't too long ago that my mindset was more similar to "Jordan's" - to see what I mean, you have to read the comments at Mike's blog entry. Just search for "colossal waste of money" in the comments. The "editor's notes" are fairly humerous, I think - especially now that I have gotten to better understand Mike's position.