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What Makes Windows Deteriorate Over Time

I've been using Microsoft Windows since version 3.1. One consistent issue I've faced is that the operating system becomes degraded in some way with normal use over time. Usually, after about a year of normal use I have to reinstall WIndows - and that means reinstalling all my applications and reconfiguring all my personal preferences and customizations.

Over the years and over all the versions of Windows since 3.1 through the latest the specific issues that have resulted in forced re-installations have been different. But some common symptoms include these:

Updated Checklist to set up a new server

As you'll see below, I set up some very limited access user accounts and there are a few extra steps because of this.

Checklist for Moving to A New Webserver

Does anyone have a checklist of the things they do when moving client websites to a new server? This is a quick list I threw together from memory. The next time I do this, I will keep exact notes and update this post. This info applies to a dedicated server or a virtual private server (VPS) hosting account running Windows 2003.

If you have a similar checklist, please leave me a link.

As you'll see below, I set up some very limited access user accounts and there are a few extra steps because of this.

Ubuntu Linux Vs Windows Vista--The Battle For Your Desktop

Is Linux finally ready to take on Windows as a desktop OS? We tried out both Vista and Ubuntu on individual PCs to see which works better. Here's who won.

By Serdar Yegulalp,  InformationWeek
April 27, 2007

The prevailing wisdom about Linux on the desktop runs something like this: "I'll believe Linux is ready for the desktop as soon as you can give me a Linux distribution that even my grandmother can run."

Running on Windows

I use Subversion for source code control. Today, I attempted to run on Windows and I was initially greeted by an error message similar to this:

Directory e:\libs\loadpng-1.0 will be tagged as 1.0
Please examine identified tags. Are they acceptable? (Y/n) Y
Checking that the base URL is a Subversion repository.
Running svn log -r HEAD file:///svn/vendortest/vendor/loadpng
'@SVN_BINDIR@/svn' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
E:\bin\dev\ svn log -r HEAD file:///svn/vendortest/vendor/loadpng
failed with this output:
Press return to quit and clean up svn working directory:

IE7 - Publisher Could Not Be Verified

After installing IE7 I started getting greeted by a series of dialogs with the title "Open File - Security Warning" and the message "The publisher could not be verified - Unknown Publisher". The message also mentioned that the application did not have a valid digital signature.

What's interesting about this is that Firefox is set as my default browser and furthermore, neither IE7 nor any other web browser were open when I was getting these warning dialogs. This was happening immediately after logging in, while the applications in my system tray were being loaded.

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