Continue Unofficial Google Voice Application for Android

Evan Charlton said,

Also, if I decide to discontinue support for the GV project, it's open-source software under the Apache 2.0 license, so feel free to fork it to your heart's content.

I'm interested in helping maintain and advance a full featured alternative to the official Google Voice app. Especially if one or two other developers want to contribute.

I'm not dissuaded by concern about reinventing the wheel or duplicating Google's official efforts. In fact, I think it is important to keep a full-featured alternative available.

What I have in mind would be a total replacement for the official Google Voice app (like the current GV is). I do not think it is enough to provide an app that is merely complimentary and that just offers features missing from the official app. The community needs a full alternative, IMO.

If anyone else feels the same way, get in touch with me and let's create a fork.


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