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Yes We Can Music Video


The music video "Yes We Can" hit the Net on Friday and by Tuesday it had been streamed a staggering 10 million times on YouTube and the website

Watch it.

The Yes We Can Song

I was sitting in my recording studio watching the debates...
Torn between the candidates

I was never really big on politics...
and actually I’m still not big on politics...

Five Reasons to use VMware Workstation instead of VirtualBox

[UPDATED 25-Feb-2008] After a little research, it looks like I'll be sticking with VMware Workstation a while longer even though I would prefer VirtualBox because it is free and open source [UPDATE: partially open source].

How Comcast Silently Blocks your Internet traffic

I am a Comcast subscriber and for much of the time I've had this blog, I have hosted it on my computer connected to the Internet via Comcast. I was shocked to learn about the following Comcast traffic-management scheme thanks to the article at
Bless the Associated Press for unearthing, through careful and diligent investigation, Comcast's shameful, hidden Internet traffic-management scheme.

Get a Free .COM Domain Name

I'm going to give away some .com domain names for free. Here is the list of free domain names:

Sorry, this offer is over now.

However, for the right project, I may have a couple more domain names I'd be willing to give away. These include:


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