Custom Trust Level For Community Server

Community Server 2.1 (including SP1) will not quite run in Medium Trust. I have found that it needs WebPermissions or the Feed Reader doesn't work correctly. See Community Server Feed Reader Fails in Medium Trust Level. And I have found that it requires ReflectionPermissions because of code in Global Application_End. If  ReflectionPermissions are not granted, you'll see exceptions like this in the Windows Event Viewer (Application section).

This post proposes a solution if you have access to the following folder on your server:

By default, this location is C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG

Here are the steps:

CEO of MySQL "Invents" the Semantic Web!

Here's an interesting post: CEO of MySQL "Invents" the Semantic Web! at MindingThePlanet

Community Server Service Pack 1 With Multiple Communities

Here are my notes for upgrading to Service Pack 1 when using the multiple community setup described in this article:
Community Server - Setting Up Multiple Communities.

Community Server Feed Reader Fails in Medium Trust Level

[UPDATE: see this new post here Custom Trust Level For Community Server]

I just installed Community Server 2.1 SP1 for a client. I had been told that it would run in Medium trust, so I tried that setting. Unfortunately, in Medium trust, adding feeds gives the following error:

Add Feed Error

The problem is the same as discussed a while back in this thread. And apparently it was not fixed in 2.1 or 2.1 SP1.

Here is my solution:

In web.config, I added this element to <system.web>

IE7 - Publisher Could Not Be Verified

After installing IE7 I started getting greeted by a series of dialogs with the title "Open File - Security Warning" and the message "The publisher could not be verified - Unknown Publisher". The message also mentioned that the application did not have a valid digital signature.

What's interesting about this is that Firefox is set as my default browser and furthermore, neither IE7 nor any other web browser were open when I was getting these warning dialogs. This was happening immediately after logging in, while the applications in my system tray were being loaded.

Google Apps For Your Domain

If you have a web site (including a blog) at your own domain name, you should check out Google Apps For Your Domain. For those of us running small web sites with dynamic IP addresses, you can find my instructions for setting up Google Apps For Your Domain using a free dynamic DNS service here.

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